Your Illusion of Freedom

Money is evil. That is all.

Well, let me expand then.

There is nothing good about money. It loses value and depletes as soon as it has been accumulated. Let me illustrate. Your monthly salary. Tax, national insurance, student loan, rent (or indeed mortgage if you are so lucky), gas and electricity bills, water rates, telephone (landline or mobile), Sky line rental, broadband, food, toiletries, charity donations (if you have a heart) – what is left of your salary to enjoy? Unless you have a credit card, which is by far the most downplayed reason for this ‘economic downturn’, credit belongs to the bank. Not you. Your money does not belong to you, it belongs to the state and the financial institutions it propagates and supports without blinking twice.

It’s just a never-ending cycle of commotion. I wish I had a new way, really I do. I can write as much as I like, but who will listen until I have a solution. Was the ‘Third World’ the ‘Third World’ before the West sent ships in search of gold and land, raping and pillaging the indigenous peoples stealing all of their resources and then capturing them as slaves. Think about that for a few seconds – treating your fellow human being as if it was a pet dog.

That is our monetary legacy, the one which you are content to live in, the version of history which has been disseminated to you. Your real is not real, and you have no conception. You laugh in mockery, denial and sarcasm and continue living in your illusion of happy freedom. But you are the pet dog of democracy, another system for control.

Your labour is still slavery except now you are being paid, conditioned to believing this is the only way life can be lived. You are dehumanised, that is the role of capital, with a capital letter. It strips you of your soul and spirit. You are only your material body. Shared humanity ultimately promotes each life has identical value. Take a look around at all the inequality.

You are so far advanced in communication you have stopped listening, and seeing. You are so technologically obsessed, you have forgotten how to implement your own mind. Tell a starving family in Somalia about how fantastic life is on this side of the planet, when Somalia once used to house an ancient civilization thriving on intelligence relative to a time period beyond our understanding. Ah, the West involve themselves in piracy once more as they invade Somalia at least four times in the nineteenth century and continued through the twentieth. This is your legacy, I hope it is taught to you in your classrooms.

Today, we make billionaires billionaires through passive consumption, and those that cannot or do not consume: wither away and die. Is that your version of survival of the fittest. Spencer’s theory has evolved even Darwin, it is survival of the richest.

Thus, Have you given money up then? One person giving up money makes no difference in this land of ‘hope’ and the ‘free’. The question is, what other way can we live? There have been geniuses and visionaries throughout history yet no genius has been permitted to create an answer. One person does not have the capacity to revolt the system, it takes a collective. A single person is a visionary, or a free radical – an entity whose speech and mind cannot be controlled.

Who is your ‘visionary’ today? Are you following blindly or freely?

Jody Mcintyre – War Poem [Spoken Word]

6 thoughts on “Your Illusion of Freedom

  1. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to leave everything and live in the woods like Thoreau did. I hate how money has taken over our lives but I never do anything about it either. Thanks for the thoughtful post.


    1. If we had a right solution, we could leave everything behind, money is central to everything and the world is broken without it. I think it should be abolished but that probably won’t go down well politically…! Thank you for you positive comment, I had some strange words from social media types but I guess they were missing the point. : c


  2. Finger pointing is the first active stage of growing awareness. Unfortunately, for most, it is the only activity that ‘engages’ them. Why? Because everyone (with a few exceptions of course) want only ‘the problems’ (caused by others) to go away…but otherwise want everything else to remain the same. In other words, the ‘answer’ isn’t reflected in the bathroom mirror, but instead is to be found in the pills behind it. ; -)


  3. I think I’ll try living for 8 and a half more months without money while I wait for my social security to kick-in. I’ve lived since September without money. However, its getting a bit rough this time around. Oooooh well.

    The last time I lived without money, about 2 and a half years ago, I was “squatting” in a tent in a National Forest. Food stamp card. No light. No fire. Now that was a good time ~ for 7 months ~ but that was a little rough too. But highly worth it. I did trade some food credit for some money to buy a driver’s license so I could vote.

    Anyway, you can always read about my adventure of being broke on ye old blog ~ A Ghost Town Called Love ~ which you can find at Rawclyde’s Code Room. This more or less tells the story. However, its not really about being broke. It’s more about the dreaming while being broke.

    I must be crazy, huh?


    1. You’re not crazy, more brave for going against the system that seems to have taken over the entire world. Frenzy of making money to get somewhere but where will you take it when you’re in the grave?


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