blurred words

delineating. analogous.

it’s a big fat trick
nothing fits
mud sticks
committing mutiny
community adultery
singing silent chords
mass discord
masked fraud
house of lords
our house of pawns
shuffling house of cards:
it all folds down

peas in a pod,
that’s called a strait jacket
constrained by lame taints
sedated bait crawfish
staring in the face of lobster
they see it black we see it white

inky legislation
blurry litigation
instigating mitigation
spinning damage limitation
illuminati incarcerations crowd love me
time for murderation
moderation situation play station
affiliation statement retraction
appeasing furious nucleus
pleasing nuclear factions
rationed ratio fractioned passionate reaction

left wing is right wing
who’s representing inveterate inbetween
inverse discontent
fragmented portend
ladies and gents
pride and prejudice
time machine wishing Well
negative equity
even PG tips has a new meaning

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