This Way Up

The world has turned into an evil and ugly place where judgements are made because of a person’s race, the colour of their skin and the colour of their hair, building up prejudices, their hateful eyes stare: black eyes; blue eyes; brown; green; hazel; and grey. Why don’t people listen to what others have to say? Is it because we don’t want to hear about any other life but our own? And without thinking, we make decisions and innocents are condoned. Intelligible capacity to understand faith in every individual culture, yet all we perceive is the outside, and how we are sculptured.

In the image of peace, some believe us to be born, while history teaches us about centuries filled with hatred and scorn. Imperial explorers assuming the position of supreme commanders of the land, owning the expanse of the widest ocean to the tiniest grain of sand. Different religions attack each other, they feud, they war, despite the forbidding of violence written in divine law. Every country fighting its neighbour for the liberation of land, shifting and dividing into fundamentalists terrorist gangs, using capital or death as a wager to influence belief and faith, never admitting that a mistayk was a mistake. Men clad in anonymous clothing, showing nothing but their eyes, people hiding behind masks, are they our enemies in disguise?

Mighty western continents conflict as they strive for a world of peace, their efforts are penalised with global disease while tyrants dictate oppressing the poor, the concept falsely propagates further requirement for another endless war. As ants, erasure of history is disappearing unnoticed, power and wealth rules over compassionate bliss, the rich are getting richer; a legacy of pride and corruption, is this the humanist picture? The need for nuclear weapons dictates the human need for greed, money and technology have more importance than the starving infants who die and bleed. We have the money to advance weapons of mass destruction which feed all these wars, but where is the finance to feed the hungry and poor?

Fury rules over logic, impulse over thought, passion over rationality while the rest of us are losing hope. Humankind, civilisation: we’re wrapped up in moral savage, dripping with blood, dirty murder and carnage. Revenge, hypocrisy, ignorance, evil over good always wins, the rape of humanity and the seven deadly sins. Distrust, deceit, secrets and lies, consuming guilty wealth whilst the child dying, cries. No-one wants to listen, no-one wants to learn, we argue, hurt, fight, kill, conquer, crash and then we burn, we see black, we see white, there is no in-between. The world is emotionally cold and mean.

So, which true human being would want the honour and bequeath the Earth’s crown, when the past, present and future of this world, is simply, so up-side-down?

4 thoughts on “This Way Up

  1. A profound change underway
    (though not easy to see)
    as the party lights dim,
    those who survive
    will forge a path
    not to revolution,
    but evolution.

    We’ll see…. ;-)


    1. I hope it’s on the positive side of maybe, and that we’ll see in the West as well as the East. I love how your words tumble down the page : D


  2. This piece of work really was amazing.

    I felt like I was in a museum showcasing all the world’s tragedies and all the pieces of work were splattered with blood.

    So many things here were said, with such power and meaning, describing the powerful and stupid actions that are tearing our world apart. Not just the countries at war and those actively involved with flawed reasons, but also those who suffer unimaginable pain.

    I don’t know how many drafts you did, but it was worth it. It looked like one amazing train of thought.


    1. I wrote it years ago, eight years ago to be precise – can you even believe it still has relevance, it’s ridiculous. I amended it one more time when posting it here to the site but as for when I was first writing it, I have no idea, it was a short project I gave myself to do so it was a bit rushed, I should have kept count of the drafts! Initially structured as a poem but the format didn’t fit when I looked at it this time so changed it to how you see it now. I’m so pleased you liked it and that it has such a graphic effect. Thank you so much! : D


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