just saying

I’m joshing, it’s a jest, you’re a jet setting mess, another crackhead on the fence, another suicide celeb, more guests on a coke fest that celebrate Christmas, streets filled with mayhem, do you blame them, free morals in media and youth want to be them…

Same old, same old, morning after confessed, every weekend, twisted, addicted, injected alcoholic blood cells, you think it’s for yourself: switchin’ hips in a tiny dress, inhibitions depressed, couldn’t care less, brainwashed to de-stress ‘distress’, whips and fancy dress, music videos to go, urban misfit outposts, silly man-hoes, an age of celebrity, apparently, sets your mind free, glamour and ice, a far cry from nursery rhymes where boys are made from snails and girls made of spice.

Cribs and whips, peas from quips, get rich quick, because you seen a scene on MTV, is that the way life should be? Tripping, sipping, champagne, Grey Goose, Jimmy Beam and Jacky D, sexes be loose, it was LSD in the sixties…every generation has a new vocation for recreation but policed states still decree inequality and segregation.

Looking back at history, I’m sick with the misery, ill to my teeth with society, inebriated sobriety, pathetic excuse for humanity, poker face lies and permission to cheat, cards rolling with dice, snake eyes, across the world they die in arms.

Fingerprinted thumbs, terrorist caress, couldn’t care less, next man arrest, guest courtesy of Her Majesty, make an appearance, curtsey to Submission Inc., Money Ltd., corporations and entities molesting Sterling, Yuan strengthening, tsunami Yen penned into debt, downbeat unrest, world rich with death, menaced dread, it’s a riot, dreams lined with lead.

Immorality set in stone, who am I to condone skin and bones, permission to let politics fester, rent a friend request, open your eyes, can you not see this is fake? Law rests on bets, acquittal for murderers, guilty plead innocent, outspoken incarcerated, intoxicated with false liberation.

Possessed by the masses exploited by financial greed, arithmetic means one and one is two but they join the dots and occupied, we have minus three.

2 thoughts on “just saying

  1. Just saying…you might enjoy reading a bit of Hermit Haven’s blog (http://hermithaven.wordpress.com).
    This series in particular:
    What’s Up In The Attic: (http://hermithaven.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/whats-up-in-the-attic/)
    Whatever Is In The Basement: http://hermithaven.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/what-ever-is-in-the-basement/
    Yeah So What’s That Stuff In Between: http://hermithaven.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/yeah-so-whats-that-stuff-inbetween/
    You Just Had To Ask: http://hermithaven.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/you-just-had-to-ask/

    Somehow I suspect you’ll find the style a bit familiar. ;-)

    Also, on a whim I did a slideshow rendition of one of his pieces: http://http://ciderpress.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/hermit-haven-more-stuff/
    Maybe you might want to try your hand at something like that? Could be fun! ;-)


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