illuminating atoms

How ironic, it’s shocking, shooting at the moon with rockets, terrorist conglomerates, escaping enlightenment, knowledge of angels in plain sight, playing out, putting to frighten them. Devolving ciphers and then, invisible hands oppress as if we’re battery hens, battered lens, blind leading the blind, bleating like sheep, pecking corn instead of meat, they deplete whilst we delete seats, competing for oil in the Middle East, it’s a feast, we’re being eaten alive, from the very people who steal claim to be our allies.

It’s a guise to lose our guide. Secret wars and treaties lie, sealed and signed, mass graves and war crimes, we hold back, scold the developing child for genocide, but there’s more to our history than the presented black and white. It’s a trap, too busy turning on each other not paying attention to the laminated coming richer, we’re getting poorer quicker, eyes wide shut dancing twisted on liquor, licked him for looking at me wrong, is that the way we’re going on?

Is that how we want to keep playing out life, huh? Whilst millions look to the sky for love, trust, praying inside out for forgiveness. Starved bodies melting into desert rain, cold snow conspiracies hunger for multiplied rage, who’s to blame? Conditioned, mediated, playing our part in these controlled mind games. Choking on my oesaphagus, filled with rancid oxygen, can’t comprehend how I’m still breathing.

ink is free, so...

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