Wiping the day clean.

I don’t have time on my hands and at the time that was something you didn’t want to understand.  Perhaps I should have explained myself properly, dutifully, considerately and not so.  Abruptly. Out of hand.

Accentuated rhythms only you can define, temper temper, profoundly, kindly, silently blind. I’m missing you and I can’t tell you because it’s not like you care which is hardly unfair, my words are too short and simple you like the long words you pick out from thin air.

I deserve much more than you are willing to think about giving, you want security for your secret anguish, I seek forgiveness for maltreatment, but you didn’t think.  Cut your nose to spite your face, losing pace.  I didn’t want to hold you and keep you safe from the snakes in the grave.  I wanted you to protect me and tell me forever you’d stay. Turned out you’re just the same, selfish games.  I have waited too long, too many mistakes.

Cleanser stings my face.

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