rage fuel

Freedom of speech, permission to breach, released aggrieved, pretending to preach against it making us believe like we teach it. It’s seductive initially, it’s brand new at first, reeling off the worst of your curse, mortgage payments tightening strings on your purse, it’s monotony, dull repetitive daily jaw breaking melancholy, broken records, vinyl symmetry.

Keep wondering, blundering, through life like its peaches when really, thunder’s about your pain, aiming to blame so you don’t think sane, every day is filled with bills and rain. Ruptured structure is here to stay, bitterness is bewitching, itching to fit in, and falsified, you start playing their game.

All of a sudden everyone’s a hypnotist, scratched, cracked, competitive. Here, take a sedative, reading the additives, careful though materialism is addictive, permanent anaesthetic erasing the inflicted on a skewed curriculum, there’s enough of them, blaming inciting violence because you weren’t invited to taste the asylum.

Witness all-powerful continents colliding with incontinent politics, submissive governments purchased by mystics, Christendom & heretics killing indigenous masses but we’re past it. History teaches us the same old plastic when the truth is so incontrovertibly inelastic but I’m procrastinating, fascinating I’m sure, emancipated static systematically rancid, blast radius unknown.

Fantastically curious, sitting inside delirious when we should be furious. You sit there and calculate, evaluate, meditating precipitate, emasculate and hesitate, reciprocating fated hate, weighing wait, United States of stalemate, check mate when you don’t play.

ink is free, so...

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