awkward human being

They stare at me walking through each step of the journey I take through my daily struggle, too beautiful and on a much higher plane of thought for these Muggles, I just wanted to share experience because I knew she felt their eyes too, but what I didn’t account for was trying to walk a day in her shoes.  As much as I’m comfortable in my own given skin, she was too paranoid to give up the part of her that I wanted from within.

Walking through the streets she feels unique but it’s a false sense of security, drowning out her own involuntary commentary, she doesn’t even want to hear what others have to say about it.  Her self esteem is too fragile to maintain whispers every second of every God given minute, a trip to the chip shop is imminently infinite.  But I didn’t know this.

She’s not the same as me so how could I explain, and in the end I saw it as a flaw which she thinks is a shame, and I regurgitated identical words she had heard throughout her life but how was I to know, she silently sighed, and figured this was yet another echo.  She didn’t want to fight so she stayed hush, oh my lord not another weakness, I couldn’t care less at this point, I’m not psychic: I’m the narrator, she was supposed to be the protagonist.

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