Rose-Tinted Masses

Who wants to survive, thought we were meant to be living? This period and part of the world culminates in advanced technology to enrich and ‘better’ society while the other half of the world starves, keels over, and dies from disease. This is the lamenting dis ease potent in my thoughts of late. A degeneration of community where enlightenment has been replaced with technological capabilities supposedly bringing the future to our doorstep yet we shun the homeless youth who are our future living on our doorstep in a fresh toothpaste breath.

Humanity cannot label itself as human anymore, there is no logic or value to support any conceptualised peace we would have aimed for in the original version of utopia. I shudder reading a definition from one of many dictionaries, that the word ‘human’ is “pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people: human frailty.” The nature of human is not frailty, it’s frivolity. Riches, glamaradary, status, and compliance to doctrines that have no foundation in truth or goodness, these are the red lines of lust by which human essence is marked. The only depth humanity possesses is the ‘how low can you go?’ benchmark, a can’t-be-arsed approach to living, which in actual fact, reflects a type of living death.

We are devolving. Right now, the Lord of the Flies is playing out on a global scale. The class system is out of hand. The poor will always stay poor, that’s the way the system was built. On slavery to currency.  But who cares about anything anymore. Everybody’s worry is: how am I going to pay the bills? Across the world, a child is worrying about his next sip of water. That’s the state of humanity today. That’s the way it’s always been. Man is corruptible. Philosophy is dead. Putting philosophy into practice was burned at an altar for money. Fighting over land. That’s what started whole entire thing from daydot. As soon as Man sated curiosity and knew what was out there, he got greedy. What does greed lead to? Complacency. Nonchalance. Apathy. Blindness. Inequality. Injustice. These are man-made and controllable flaws and we choose not to control them.

Politicians and governments ensure that as sheep we follow each other without realising, blind leading the blind, this has never been more true. I feel sad that here I am struggling but there are a million others facing even harsher struggle. I am truly thankful for what little I have because someone else hasn’t. And even though I hate the system at least it makes for civilised society but then this is only up to a point.  If you think about it, how civilised are we really when politics is based on who-you-know rather than what-you-know and what-you-know can be bought, usually by large corporations.  Who is running the world, us, the government of multinationals?  This is not a conspiracy theory anymore and the perpetual dichotomy is sucking the life energy from me, will change ever really come?  And at what cost?

The cost of freedom?  What is true freedom? If you operate outside of the system, you’re not free. Because the fact that you are the opposition negates the assumption of freedom. Freedom is limited by morality. How many politicians are moral? Freedom is governed by greed. Politics is governed by power.

So, we can pat ourselves on the back for being the most technologically advanced and most free society that ever lived. But as humans with active brains and thought process more complex than any other creature in existence, revisit your philosophy of freedom, look beyond yourself and see through the transparent curtain that at first seems opaque. Examine the state of our world.

2 thoughts on “Rose-Tinted Masses

  1. Again…the party’s over. All that remains in doubt is whether the shift to a new paradigm evolves peacefully…or catastrophically. So far there’s no (apparent) design for what that new paradigm will be, much less whether the way toward it will be roughly hewn or smoothly surfaced. But in either case, that change will come. And because of that, and even though you’re not exactly sure what it will involve, you should consider this: It will not be anything like the present. So the first challenge is to figure out a way to begin stripping away your current view of a 9-5 world (albeit a troubled one)–involving only a need to get (and keep) a job that ‘earns’ you a living–and begin thinking of a world that requires each individual to (literally) ‘make’ a life. In other words, something that falls somewhere in between what you will see contrasted here, under the title: What He Didn’t See ( ) I especially (very strongly) suggest you watch the short video clip at the end…because it beautifully defines the playing field…from one goal post to the other. And quite likely (perhaps ideally), when the dust settles, our ‘new paradigm’ will more closely resemble the first example shown in the film, rather than a collapsed version of that which follows it. I think you’ll see exactly what I mean… ;-)


    1. It’s like you’re inside my head and I am constantly thinking about what a new system would be, and how people would take to it, and how long it will be before it materialises. This is not life, its conformity to the powers that be because it all revolves around monetary benefit, for those that are already monetarily superior. I watched the video, it was a good ‘documentary’ and touches on subjects discussed in my dissertations some years back about ‘time’ and ‘truth’ and I see exactly what you mean : D


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