without you i set the world on fire

Bludgeoning aerodynamics swift past faces automatic latching on to semantics systematic like landing on the moon, my gallactic golden goose tightens the noose, I ask him to let me breathe as he wallows in debacled ruined runes, it was a hushed gush of lushful lust all in a rush and now he’s gone grieving much too soon.

I pruned and cooked, you stole and took, I wept and shook, our crooked life lay strayed, splayed in a martyred public display absorbing assorted disarrays of monologue plays. Displacing, separating, beguiling diamonds and magnetite sands, painstaking things I would do for you reciprocating too few for me but you refused to understand, lava fuel endorsements on wasted temperaments, an energy killing what I thought was an unending symbiosis, living as a myrrh maid come siren under the turquoise rim of the emerald sea, instead I am comatosed inside isolating meiosis laying here erroneously.

Such a fool was I to believe your lies, pipe dreams in your lamenting skies based on rolling dice, fate and intuition, breaking the barriers screaming inhibition, and in addition, living in traditional supposition, a paradigmed paradox in a paranoid paragraph, paraletic paralysis apparently perplexed by hexed parameters parallel to comparable parables of affable parade, my paradise infiltrated by parasites baked in the oven decorated in parchment ink dries charcoal grey. And I unwrap you, part and parcel of our happy ever after love and war charade.

I crumble, I shake, I drown in his indigo lake gulping guilded bubbles crayoned red spurting like a genie from shackled veins.  Gaping eyes implore him my life to save but who am I, he blinks me blind, I am but a raucous knave. I blow a scream in shocked alarm as ocean waves enclave my rageful rave, he blows me a kiss and swims to the surface as I perish into invisible arms once filled with desired cherish. I sink to the reef, heavy embroidered in weed, the coral bequeathes to me my melted heart molten gold, tangled, unfree, embers smoke out into silver ash, and I all but vanish… you only see what is bold and brash and tactless, you don’t see me whirling and swirling fully filled with panic.

He was right about you, sketch etched into a blue lagoon, silently sliced into a hollow mirrored cave. Take me as I am, come as you are,  waiting for once upon my time to quench your slaking crave. Tired of your games, everyday is the same: lame. Slave. Grave. Fake gold, mine. God mimes, I hear him through all the mistakes, forgiveness is sublime but my patience is wearing thin invisible veils in isolation for these pied piper snakes.

Without you I set the world on fire, without you I can’t breathe, feed my heart to wild lions if you’re not here with me. I watch you all burn to cinders, you took him away from me.

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