…a flower by any other name

How now, my fenny snake, my lovely fake, chaotic psychotic love on a long list of take, building up tick as time melts, just another parallel three witch away which way is anything spelt? Why do I see silver ribbons of moonbeams connecting dots, I etch them and he erases the same in visible melancholy stops, crazed and depraved rainbow arching over swings, grazing green shadows of feisty language playing in the park running around something. I can’t breathe, tighten the bandaged anguish. Cauldron’s too hot to handle, stopclock banishes me from the kitchen, blind eye of newt twisted tongue of dog, I kissed a prince and he turned into a frog, wrapped me up in wool then slashed my neck with tooth of wolf, a heap of what used to be lies before me, black, dank, frank and uneasy. Disperse. Lock and load. I was born lucky. Silvered by an eclipse I stayed gold. The dragon inside, breathes fire and my insides scold, burn with a raging inferno collapsing my lungs into incinerated ash, inhaling satsuma, jasmine, rose, vanilla, I appear in what was light blue Damascus alas, it does not smell as sweet. Starlight at dawntime and a voice calls inside my mind’s eye, amethyst pearls caught in an oyster’s trap, even Venus struggles to calm the swirling karma engraved in my palmed path. Crown me a king of kings engraved with fortune, spreading me wing by wing, smouldering a devilish wish, genies granting worlds to human calamities, her as Destroyer and him as Creationist: late for class, enrolling angelic assassins as hyperbolic evangelists.

Cat and mouse, slides and roundabouts. Blood in the water. Cocooned in sticky sheets/

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