smell of desperation

Attack her,
when she’s finally
strong enough to
utter: I love you.
Nothing but my dreams matter,
You made yourself into you.
Insomniac supremacy:
effective immediately,
that’s what I keep telling them,
but inside I’m a wreck again.
Just because I chose to go,
doesn’t mean though,
no, because I know so.
Allusion to mass confusion,
fusion colluded,
slew them, eluded,
welcome, to the school of pseudonyms,
kissing your wounds better,
licking eloquent letters,
it’s a fetish see,
syllables roll from tongues,
in a second we’re gone,
cub and it’s mum,
mate and his sum,
silent by nature,
naughty but nice:
sugar and old spice:
Christ I’ll splice you,
join the rest of them,
white mice and men,
testing and messing,
flexing assassins,
get your masks in,
don’t breathe in spew,
I’m just giving you dues:
watch me split colours,
separating tints and hues,
twisting and skilking,
skulking shoulder drops,
by the corner you stood.
Skeltering dress,
shimmies and shakes,
I’m awake still –
I have no more words
for the time being:
emptied memories,
drained brewed teas,
sieved moods,
golden fools,
spectrum sparks,
bouncing from each eyelash
glowing with wrath,
it’s not conceited:
only heated,
life is a concertina,
pleated feathered ballerina,
let’s be seated together,
pushing earth through,
sit back, leave me if need be,
watching everyone bleat,
from my plane way above,
the disembodied me.

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