timing: is a crime

Zero zero thirteen.
What is this time I see before me?
When I die will you have been mine?
Cupped my face and told me,
you loved me a thousandone times?
Splitting hairs creating atoms.
It’s fathomable,
damsel identical.
Lateral matter of factual evidence, wiped clean.
Residual blood spatter stains faces,
I can be what you need,
grew from weakness to breathing.
Follow the cycle,
up the garden path and I’m waiting,
won’t take the wind from beneath your wings.
Ready to span, against clans,
let’s make plans,
like a tree and leave the world to make our own.
Take a stand,
landing in the sands of time,
grand designs on this prince,
that will never be mine.
He won’t climb the tower this time,
I hand him the vorpal sword,
Won’t hurt you now.
Hands tied behind me,
kissing torn down,
erasing thorned frowns,
tearing the life jacket from my chest,
ready to drown. In. You.

2 thoughts on “timing: is a crime

    1. Thank you so much, I live in an eternal state of ‘what could be’ which is not actually living in real life. Time and my mind are disparate, I hope one day they will combine and I can start living instead of pretending to…! :S


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