odd: one out in a crowd

what am I but a word, sums it all up,
stripes across my tattoo’d cups,
endless hours, my seconds never stop,
blinks hush and my lips drop,
all I asked was;
Can you put me back together?
and you sat thus;
ripping out my feathers,
dredging broken jigsaws,
my masked and classy outlaw,
heart eaten therein and moreso,
blood drips across my torso,
conscious words interrupting
a too-conscious subconscious flow,
it’s subliminal,
he’s criminal,
mafia five-oh
screaming survival,
lyrics recycled,
it’s a tribute yo,
heard it all before,
trinity of secluded psychos,
got this one song on repeat,
perfect strangers meet,
it’s a mind blow,
got nothing to even eat though,
biting on melodies, beat and bass,
it’s a waste,
mandem playing same games,
making out like i’m their flame,
they’re moths to my planes,
trying to chirps these lame sayings,
same old chat lines, same old rat rhymes
trying to make up for all your lost time,
my last dime,
hiding behind heartbroken crimes,
from the floor of grime I spit
mimed minds suffering on this crucifix,
spluttering; position classified,
and clarified:
I see the truth and transparent lies,
everyone else runs munching on pies
but here I am secreting Pi…
don’t wanna cry no more,
my retinas are tired
sclera’s red raw
i’m seeing double yellow lines,
instead of inverted paws,
he dropped honey in my eyes:
poisoned me: i’m blind,
cruelled my heart in framed times
but it’s all gone astray now,
it’s called affray somehow:
my life,
a gigantic hiccup without the wind,
falling sand grains, an hour-glass of sin,
I’m livid, because I want to eat him,
learn about the art of living,
but he’s given up the giving,
for a frayed ribbon of string.

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