misty fables and lost dreams

Owl waits for pussycat to strum his guitar,
she sits humming, a-treasuring her sitar.

Crashing asteroids in orbit, so near but yet far,
razor teeth sink into embroiled embroidered hearts.

False start at angular smoking blocks,
chiselled jaws metamorph to sharks.
Hark! Hooking for sharp carps,
mermaid plays her cordial harp:

looking for love, kind that comes unlocked,

need security not fifty thousand-carat rocks,
fins steal shows though, cunning little mocks.
Bark! Little hen ran away from fantastic Mr Fox,
holes in the sailing boat tied at the docks.

Hocus pocus, cure her stillness,
the curs’ed lady of shallot.

Split mezzanines staged on the level:
disorderly, disobedient and dishevelled,
blacksmith branded a handy piece o’metal
for silent minds as ring finger settles

disputes: avidly shotting a pot a kettle.

Little miss saint: dangerous rebel
begets a child-angel sacrificing devil,
medieval force reckoned credible,
conceivable kudos justified lamentable.

Jewels encrusted in star-crossed skies,
lost each other rocking corpsing lullabies.

Broken fairytales, twisted jowls,
indeed ‘tis a pillaged murder most foul.

ink is free, so...

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