deep sea: diving into seaweed

I’d have loved you forever, but you choose for us not to be together, plummeted me into a hellish nightmare, but what’s the use, it’s not like you care. My heart is always right and I do right by me, if I feel a glitch I won’t force it, a wrong has never made a fated destiny and you think it’s lack of bravery.

You see yourself going backwards if you re-opened the wound, doesn’t matter now, you’ve covered it over with concrete cotton wool. A rose grew from the tiniest of gaps, but you smoothed it over and I drown, defeated in plaster. I try to plant the seed and water you, even with my sugar encrusted tears, drink my diamonds, I ask you to eat salts of the earth.

I watch you grow, but it’s past that now, you are away in a sea of your own and you don’t hear me growl. You think it’s being needy so I didn’t write it down, but forget it, my fears are my crown and if you can’t take me as I am, then we led each other to the slaughterhouse, lamb following shank.

And even if your thorns cut me with dramatic effect, I would have held on until my. Very. Last. Breath.

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