on the fly

state of play
interior raging
gauging faces
opacity races
monochrome stasis
making raises
holy Moses I’m crazy
engaging temptation
creating redemption
bombed out selection
waiting on connection
is it all the same?
circle of life,
waiting for strife,
individual ripe
splintered knife
who takes the final bullet
each time I take the shot
you’re more than I imagined
you are something special
something that i’m not
intelligible halo angel
fallen ranger
it gets stranger
you don’t know me
will you marry me?
i’ve an air balloon ready
my arms ready to carry thee
here’s a teddy bear see
and a big birthday card
come out for coffee
oh cynical me
I believe in me
I believe in me
and if it’s not right
they break and bleed
but they move on
I help them see
in a way you might hate me
but you’ll thank me
in the end
I am your godsend
for a moment
and you will mend
when I’m stolen by the wind again
are you brave enough to catch me?

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