where there is blood in my ears, there is bass…

Imagination is everything,
until reality finally reckons.
Patience in the meantime
is the truth that beckons.
Sit tight baby, God listens.

I vacated placated sedated
I don’t need words to fake
this it’s fated mated stargated
you came to me in a dream
it would seem
but who’d believe me
a scene in my deen
clean serene
mean creatures deplete
dirty obsolete screens
don’t scream, no one can hear
it’s just a dream remember
just me, just you,
me and you
nobody has a Cluedo
I have my clutches on you
talons on your wings
dye die for a die-man’d ring
words dem sing
as if me never heard
dem whispering

I’m coming to get you
sing to me your words
fix my broken wisdom
forlorn drops of dew
fresh green buds
subdues the many
brings out the few
who dunnit so cute
wrapped up in tissue
squeeze you half to death
give my world to you
exchange it for nothing
trading places
what makes it graceful
it’s just that I have God
angels, faith, qabool
you have the monetary
heart of a fool
discernible dissent
scent meant nothing
meant everything
princess of esses
king of cubes
never any good with rubiks
dubious curious
colours of the rainbow
pretty maids all in a row
merrily down the stream we go
parading life in soapy shadows
no act, no tomfoolery gung-ho:

just me myself and I
juxtaposed against something
I could never attain
take my hand,
I held it there
you wanted me to melt
too much too late,
old, cold, and accustomed
still waiting for pink blossoms
refusing to repeat herstory
fed up of the wait the wait wait…

Don’t phone me android
avoid me
I am the wrath of the century
I will bury your bones
no qualms about it
take gold stars for it
situation retarded
I discard it
haven’t evolved to the love part yet
thought I might have
but I keep typing
words carbon’d: memory to let,
linked in broken storms
unturned stones
no rhythms: faded tones
tin-foiled skin drum
be delicate don’t break me…

Ha, what a laugh you’ll see,
to the beat
what is this
didn’t know it could be this
cracked metronome on acid
creeping out the closet
it won’t make sense
let’s recommence
don’t know where to start
maybe my broken heart
never really got over the first part
but hey ho done and dusted
it’s just a framed work of art
momentarily, wearily, verily
reasons fall like fat sparrows from the sky
cupid shoots me, blinds me in one eye
men don’t lie and I was born on the fly
send me to doom spinning inside
a caged room, there’s a loom
haven’t seen one of those since school
pretending to be
Sleeping Beauty
in the midst of a mutiny:
lost my Prince to Rapunzel…

Feeling paining numbness
unrestrainable seeps
from my cheekbones,
my neck creaks
sullenly meek
meaning seek it
feel me tingling
pins and needles
turn my face blue
tip of a snooker cue
hold me caress me love me
like I’m going to look after you
needs to be mutual
for once let it be both ways
strong cresting waves
surf my life against
rushing bullets
drop of jasmine a bit
Aladdin stole my carpet
Princess turned soldier
I warned ya
machine gun mafia
who’s stopping ya…

A mocking bird,
never smelled as sweetly,
join me in my purple city
yet out there you remain
shrouded by clouds
showering domains
despite promises…

Far, luck it
I’m toxic
I will make you sick:
I’m like raw egg white:
Which way to cook it?
Choosing ways to die:
poached, scrambled, fried,
swallow me whole
at your own risk
a simple kiss
might turn you to
it’s up to me
if I go quietly,
dip into my imagination
see my creation
Queen of hearts,
back to the start,
paint the roses red
Off with your head
Dance until you’re dead
Heads will roll,

Because he told me so.

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