fate, dope & gory

she dropped a clanger,
bags ready and packed sir,
fed up of you: creep, thief, liar,
Melchior, Balthazar, Caspar,
cold frank incensed murder,
fakery gifted: murmured,
schizophrenic shafted her,
shape shifted shackled her.
love turned him stranger,
blinked and blanked her,
strip her down bang her,
string her up hang her,
tie her hands strangle her,
observe her neck: broken angle,
watch her eyes roll backwards,
poor show: effort lacklustred,
sweaty palms lacquered,
too late: already jacked her,
knuckle dusters: jaw crackled,
scared dared bladdered,
scarred marred scattered,
stirred, shaken, staggered,
window souls: jaded daggered,
whassup: whatsapp’d sip of swagger,
nylon-lycra glowed: ripped, laddered,
pulleyed pins plastered: blasted,
I have the power: universe mastered,
but none of it mattered,
cut, hurt, bruised, battered,
illusions shattered,
paper packages unwrappered,
loose change clattered,
rain on pavement rattled,
too weak to battle,
alibi fixed and factored,
she can’t leave me: i made her,
i’m the best you ever had ma.

ink is free, so...

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