a queen in articulate semblance

silly ass Indian queen: arduous,
but that’s only how I seem: mean.
Seem, which is to act,

Fragile words like unspoken kisses,
and I’m pathetic:
Sounding harsh words of murder
and suddenly you think I’m perfect,

I like being the crocodile though,
if that’s how you’ll have me:
snappy, don’t rile me,
armed with nail files
boarding emery,
bordering Emirates,
world sick with envy
duty free confectionery
allow it, we’re evolutionary,
struggling for power,
perhaps we need an emissary,
preventing our deaths as adversaries

dubassi, dubassi,
ankles tapping carefully,

missed our anniversary
just another missionary
marred by misery
dancing date memories
on graves in cemeteries,
watching cracks, breaking backs
sticks and stones, false and fact,
fickle romeo click click clack
killing bro’s all over the shack: on tap,

into the depths of ghetto swamps,
twisted flesh smacking entangled moss,
on heat: bloodthirsty
creaming shanks of meat,
greedy, eyes roll giddy,
my precious, glass gets beady,
nothing seedy about salt,
rub it into the dough and knead,
me – jokes

while the rest of us move to the beat,
let’s dance, let’s skank,
we explode into bubbles,
podium troubles,
elusive hubble,
pop goes the weasel,
foam, allergy, squeezed,
sneezed, ah shoot,
fairy liquid in my loot,
I am the fairest of them all
Who can refute?
Observe: fake maidens along
Refuse chutes,
Market routes,
Afar and aloof,
By hand and foot,
I stand to stare,
pretending to not care
mouse trapped in a lion’s lair,

your laughing overtures
echo my caricature,
Trust me,
I am merely an amateur
Baby you ain’t
You’re an imperfect master,
Ain’t makin’ a pass at ya
I’m masked but I’m askin’ ya,
But you axed faster,
So I sacked ya
what a disaster:

the den of unfair men,
plastic lifts and rifts, Q-10
is indifferent then,
where’s Action Man Ken?

Parley, vous francais?
I live within my own clay,
there’s too much to say:
a single minute takes me an entire day,

so many facets of personality,
you’ll never cry when you’re with me,
alarm bells ring out all over the city
every man to tread the world ever
has said this to me,
broke his promise to me,
is it any wonder I scarper like Bambi
when its darker you’ll understand me,
female of Sher Khan when I wanna be,
count on one hand who’s seen that side of me,
she paws forth occasionally
because she kills blindly,
takes no prisoners regrettably,
carefree in rebellious jubilee,
don’t get her angry

bites her lip,
holds her tongue,
it’s a passion baby,
temper from ancestors probably,
or the stars maybe
she’s crazy,
I want you to be
who you want to be
because of you
not because of me,
show me
something different,

bring it to the table,
haven’t met one yet who was able,
perhaps he’s just a figment,
pigmented fable,
sedimentary unstable,

I stare into space:
distracted reactionary,
there’s a revolution inside of me,
wrapped up itjihad and Rumi,
dervish continually,
tranced in pants
like I did as a kid,
the only girl who did,
spinning in puddles
in sunshine squid,
skidding on purple bricks
crossed flailing arms
infant lunatic

rave in the crumbling
rubbling, cement in the yard,
it wasn’t about Kelis
it was about playing hard,
milkshake was a new invention
at Baker Street bar,
we had to thieve
treats from underneath
noses y’all,
we had no regards,
we had no guards,
we’d fetch footballs
running out infront
of speeding cars
no blackmail,
no need to caress palms,
copper was just as good as silver,
just had to get past the builder,
ain’t no Shylock here,
no campaign smear,
it was summer all year,
up in here
had no fear
it was all clear

little piggy stuck in the mud,
wolf drowns her out screaming,
Are you dizzy, blud?

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