raping dreamscapes

Nothin’s real anymore,
livin’ in a sycamore,
feeding the greedy, ignoring the poor,
saw what was in store:

copter jacks the floor,
winding ways to zero ground,
wait: accidentally found,
spinnin’, spinnin’, round and round.

Doll on temper, big round eyes,
dropping tears like swapping toys,
head in hands: curdling cries,
leash off heat, I watch him die.

Flickering snickering,
writing renditions,
influx inflictions,
too much attention,

political backdrops,
raw contention,
too many thoughts,
delivering infections,

one does not simply walk into Mordor:
seduction of art: too many wars,
truth blindfolded,
death collected:

nineteen is where I started,
I should have been a star see,
air guitar echoes sitar,
flippantly, conveniently,

flocking chords sung by jackanory,
watch out Sophie, cowards,
took her love for granted,
she kept her head decked with flowers

mind, well, nobody else did:
scarred her tails, tacked with nails,
with a hammer,
pain reserved for males.

Treading paths of banality,
camouflaging fatality
capacity for catastrophe,
breathing in his soul,

which was never even hers,
smells like the flowers,
he never even bought,
after fighting heart,

bleeding, wordy, wars,
they separate,
kill each other
with sumptuous hurt,

aching eyelids hide her dreams,
refreshing eyeliner as she leaves,
careful mascara disguises her pain,
destroying life all over again,

drowsy eyes, falling tears,
obliviously obvious,
which is about as close
to us as she’ll gain.

now he leaves,
ebbing away,
gaming blame pays
pain to stay.

She was Peter Pan incarnate,
turned to Sandman and departed,
soul wasted by stones,
left all broken-hearted,

only he was martyred,
laying flat, staying empty,
silence befalls the unguarded,
what the smiling eyes had started.

I dreamed of ten centimetre lines,
verses apart,
stanzas filled with space,
like the vacuum in my heart.

Fast and furious,
cubed and dubious,
‘cos that’s how you rock
baby, that’s how I roll,

cold, folded mould
growing in the fella,
strumming a printed cello,
serenading stellar,

waiting for the heat,
exploding with the yellow,
I yelled ya,
hollered, tried to catch ya,

catching like infectious,
brain is ambidextrous,
crunching rhinestones,
lucking t-bones,

this is sumat different,
‘cos I am indifferent,
cuz, humming and cussing
but that’s not real

or for you to know,
cold like ice,
you used to be snow,
blud every day,

is an encoded poem,
where are we going?
Nowhere, it’s all,
in my imagination.

What’s this flowing,
I’m an island,
floating on a river bed,
and after everything done,

all that’s been said,
every syllable etched,
I’m just another stray hat,
sipping from a tea-cup

taken from the litten,
tree, up
with illiterate gats,
words like bullets,

too cool for cats,
pierce a heart,
implode a brain,
just another tat,

missed out the are,
meant to say tart,
want one, sir?

Eat your glass, slippery
shoe. Eschew. And chew.
And choke.
Turned her insane,

after harvesting grain,
mundane membrane,
growing crisis,
I write it,

timing’s for the Tardis,
she’s just a starfish,
you started this,
words swagging,

switching hips,
versing hits,
licking lips,
suck- that ship’s sailed,

chasing Holy Grail ma,
Mary Magdalene’s
rosy seal failed,
but I’m sleeping na.

Hail stranger,
from whence have you came?
Squealing unashamed,
dropping jaws,

hitting floors,
a Moor by any other name,
stunning god,
pure in form,

true folklore,
I abhor the thought,
compelled for more,
she roars forth.

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