Prince of Persia

He told her,
it wasn’t about her anymore:
fought her,
Erase me,
Don’t write about me for sure:
slaughtered her,
Who are you to tell me what to send:
Offended. The last time he said this,
She said she’d never let it,
Never let him, say it to her again
so she hung up her pen,
stared down the lens,
took the shot.
Pulled the trigger.
Bullets look bigger close-up.
Laid out pictures, hung, drawn
and quartered.

She was watching
Prince of Persia, the other day
and suddenly,
Hashasheen made sense
because of what he had taught her:
she sat. Dumbstruck.
As the Prince,
stood speaking,
You’re so conceited
You make your own destiny
Who do you believe in?
he turned backwards
the sands of time.
Fell in love again:
Words re-rhymed,
made her mine.

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