come on over here babygirl

Pressing brows deep into my skull,
eyes shut against burrowing space,
mercy at my temple for a divider’s sake,
penchant for penance lost in sin,
Arabic renaissance decoding Latin,
rhetoric displays radio’d resonance,
a la droite madame
et voila a la maison
c’est tres decadent,
visit me in Madison Square Gardens,
I’m joking, cancel it,
I’m not that rich,
scene turns rancid,
high on acid,
initially avid,
what a bastard,
least it lasted,
frantic semantic period fasting,
crunking cranked disillusions,
now we love and live in
fakeful delusions.
You thought you right,
hold tight…

I’m full of surprises,
guess in which box I’m hiding.
Self spitting roast rabbits
splintering spats,
spluttering rants,
can’t take much more of this,
skinning maggots,
sickening head spinning,
grab me a spatula
dishing out vernacular
but I won’t rise to it.
Rats. I just did.
Store my stone heart inna fridge.
It’s teetering, it’s on the edge.
You took what was never yours,
read the small print,
that’s what the sketch is,
closed clauses, lost causes.
She stretches and licks,
yawns and pauses,
glances at her prey,
clicks her shoulder blades,
shuffles the deck…

Re-arranges fate,
clawing her way,
through sanity state,
he tries to slice her,
pangs of vanity ate,
devouring depravity,
advantageous calamity,
disparaging clarity,
oh woe is me,
not really.
Just another bitch,
on his hit list,
yeah I said it,
working tempers,
shattered earth tremors,
terrorist endeavours,
excavating treasures
under measured leisures.
Protection by the sword,
desire by the dozen,
disengage from
disenfranchised cousins,
bearing the covenant…

Ten commandments condoned.
You will never be alone.
You won’t let me do
what’s been undone,
laddered stockings,
worn only once.
Glittering like twilight,
under the sun.
Too blind to see,
what we could have become,
IQ of thirty-two thousand,
amounts to nothing,
and then some,
shadowed by,
past particulate
shuttered out,
reasons inarticulate,
chipped to the,
nearest consulate,
halo intact,
faculties compatible,

Frothy waves roar high,
cresting emerald seas
I’m the pirate,
eye patched Silas
this is my ship,
and if you don’t like it,
I’m shameless:

walk the plank bitch
jump the fuck off it,
take my hand,
pushed you out
hope you can swim prick
pull my outlawed trigger,

This ain’t no swagger jagger
quit your jibber jabber,
it’s jihad.

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