tongue’s in ma cheek

I lost you in spite of me,
then I see you an’ it’s easy.
But then is it a mask,
baby too brash and breezy?
How can I ask without
you thinkin’ that I’m crazy?
Spinnin’ inna cloud
o’ de-petalled daisies.
Picking out the words,
either she does or she doesn’t,
pluckin’ out tail feathers from
suttin’ that they wasn’t.
Gettin’ wit’ it, killin’ it,
without even tryin’,
deny thy name an’ I’ll no longer be compliant.
What you think it was,
you thought I was gonna be, b.
Sittin’ wit’ ya bitches,
lickin’ weed like it’s weezy,
talons thirst ya tongue,
munchin’ on sour babies
why you quittin’ on me,
dissin’ on my melancholy,
forget this Narnia queen malarkey,
Ice watchin’ over me,
murdering armed navies,
shotgunning type face,
tryna make a play for me,
I banish ya, vanish y’all
outta me speshly my
waspish princess
makin’ me feel awkwardly,
never a maybe, give her leverage,
she ain’t ya straight honey bee,
done got herself messed up,
fess up, impressed much,
hummin’ out nuff huff an’ puff,
threw herself from the balcony
anchored heavy, just to flee me,
pollenated favours,
sickly flavours,
craving savours,
a saviour for all,
standing ovations, I’m kneeling in awe,
all I wanted to be was her soothsayer y’all,
if her wings were fluster’d
I’d catch her fo’ sure,
sing up sweetly, her angel cure,
shinin’ light inna crescent furore:
instead I watch her burn more,
frenzied to a blue fury core.

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