it’s 5am and i’m a boy

i can’t just write, if i write, i will say what is in my head, and that is hardly intelligible, neglible, what do you know, just banged a hoe, her job to blow, bro, big bad crow smoking snow, making brown dough, collecting P though, crucified on a cross, lost, q in a box, Friday socks, stitched in green, truth unseen, obscene dreams, same old shit different schemes, crave, pray, i wanted her to stay, got talked out of it, walked about a bit, stalked a deer and shot the hit, offed a negligent piece of kit, offered a protracted writ slicked with wit, paced the space, striding rooms from here to there, wondering if you really care, words stare, failed dare, trapped in her lair, stranded collaborative glare, layer cake gobbled bears that barely ate, rarely, and there, again, unfairly penned, lend me women, up for rent, never defend them, think they’re peng, case in point, anointing, disappointing, bra strap broken, polished foal, own goal, fishing shoals, sharking moles, braying neighs in charcoal, one day in May. Mate erred a reply, heard her deny, evil Gemini, heard them cry, it’s long, but there was no need for the cold in your response, slit my neck, halal my throat, watch the blood drip, and drop, helter skelter scope, eyes glaze and you can’t see, delete me, complete me, deplete me, defeat me, once you created me, as did all this to she, mistakenly, latently, didn’t give you a chance to play me, needed dates not daily raping, watch the rating, sky’s rotating, bill posters placating, human baking, back to basics, quench for sake in, wench for slaking, aching leaves me shaking, sedating match making, driving the stake in, and you turn to ash in my hands.

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