He sees everything

I am here. B. To start a war. V. Battleships rumble, quays. Boxed up, beached see. I’m lined, high. C. Mashed up bills, D. Feel the love. E. Want your touch. G. Spill the beans. P. Gun shot freaks me. Eye twitch seeks thee.

Wasting my time. Waisting lines. Mess I am. Kind unkind. Blind in the right.

Car fair from day dot. X marks the s–

T. Place drives me to insanity. Urges me to suicide. Thor is incarnate. Presently, never is too late. Zeus writes a thesis on my end game. Neptune holds my cards, band of brothers, none two are the same.

See my cruel laughter. She glistens in an oven, hair burns gold. Trident pokes at ashes, floating in the cold. Tumultuous sashes, it’s the salt of the earth I crave. Wind in my face. Enflamed. I am the dragon tyrant whom sees red, were that I a bull enraged.

Dogma has no place for tolerance. Defence mechanism, throwing stones. Until death split soul from life itself and a fire burned my bones. Most Beneficient wills treaties, wishing wars to cease. I am the archangel, and the fallen, living and diseased.

They speak of peace, I see none. Honour, be gone. Respect, is no longer able. It’s evident, it’s a double stitched establishment. Ignoring democratic recollect. My heart ready to explode. Cast aside your dispersions, the good will lay to rest. Let He who judges make His judgement, let Him make it Alone and blessed.

ink is free, so...

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