somewhere between the sun and the storm

suckling sapling that’s how it started
grappling rattling disheartened martyrs
shackling cataclysmic attacks,
statically stacked melodramatic remands,
sadistic empiricism for the sake of land,
lacking understanding, everything’s a scam
overloaded with information under cardiac rax
just foiled the first world’s sectarian statistic ticked rat,
fished criss-crossed crescents butter melts protagonist chat,
shattered politicians and historians back in the day bill jacked,
civilisation in the west is in defacto cataract,
conjunctivitis and glaucoma: blinkered and blind,
expelling fauna to extinction while the faithful hide,
history re-written to cure nationalistic malade,
restoring a sense of pride it’s just an historical hack,
fakery, freemasonry, given too much slack
it’s a synthetically authentic cleansing of genetics:
endemic epidemic pretending statement of tact,
but in Truth, there’s too much bullshit and not enough fact.

I was told not to think about it, not to get up and shout,
hush the distinctive linguistic but if I don’t speak the voices, who will speak out?
afraid of what others think, isn’t it time I took stand,
and lived by my experiences spitting out my demands,
don’t be scared, she says,
even if the words come out wrong,
she imagines a symphony of long-ago song,
an impish child babbling nursery rhymes from encyclopaedic tongues,
orchestrating beguiling bewilderment why is nobody listening Son,

devil is definitely restless,
devised his plan disguised in a foolhardy reprisal of revengeful contempt,
unwrap the pattern feel the clatter on a barraging battlefield of men,
an empty eggshell shotgun rotten and mistaken intelligence
consistent with raw yolk incoherent non-convalescence,
soldiers bludgeon and bleed an escape from PTSD,
let’s run away red, it’s billed nice and clean,
twisted and mashed up, a deen will always be queen,
beware the doberman right hand lady bride,
this is real, being civil no double-crossing intersecting scythes.

Stand tall amongst the carnage I fall amongst the stars,
lighting candles for vigils living for sixteen bars,
frivolous ignorance of the struggle but you can’t see,
I’m the outsider looking in, praying for justice and mercy,
for all of you and your everything in honour of memory
watching everyone clamour in, rest in peace,
emancipated masses masticate human consciousness
side by belied side but the peas paid the price,

trapped in sick splits, glitz and the glamour,
stickering the sequins and stammering the camera,
glitter in my eyeliner, what is the idea
children die in a mine for the ice in your ear,

I wonder if I can afford a satellite
she wonders if she’ll ever grow to see a fairer sky
I sit here and write
she sits there and cries
you sit there and read
she sits there and dies
they sit by their pools swathed in sparkling greed
she sits there and wonders if one day she’ll be freed,

beleaguered deceited conceited defeat
sucking on a teat filled with
extreme miscreant powdered milk feed,
cheek to decree
my salaam is the backbone of corruptive deeds,
starving their own mirror inflicted displacement of a thousand mille,

is still here
operating under a new name,
evolving under harlot eyes of consumerist games,
gains adults, are teens lost in the found City of Gold
chasing the booty we all want or so the young keep being told,
new world pirates living from skinning dutiful usury,
stacking up taxes in the broken treasury,
take what you can give nothing back to me,
we are in meltdown of their miserly misery,
pet your dog though, make him pretty,
mull on that bone discussing useless committees,
treat treats to man’s best and only friend,
while Man dies in arms for wars you defend,
I’m looking for the solution while your hands are tied behind your back,
I am the glitch in the system, wielding the axe.

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