days of our lives: past, present and future

The concept of love, it remains alive with a glimmer of hope, hedonism becoming more of a joke and real to us as we live life today. We can no longer overlook the inevitable intervention that fate will play. She can feel his presence with her always, so she never feels completely alone, and then when he holds her tight curled in his chest, it feels like the whole world is their own.  Nothing comes close to that feeling, when they know to each other they belong, respective voices like the sound of oceans, soothing and strong.

Resting against his shoulder, his heart thuds gently throughout the night, encased in his arms until the sun shines.  Dreams of him in the day-time, wishing he was near, the foolish wolf provided him with everything to fear.  It seems without him life is empty though but still where there is reason there is rhyme, she doesn’t believe the merry-go-round of her existence sometimes.  Thinking, thinking, thinking, silence, silence silence.  Reverberation of the end days.

In herself, he wants her to believe, she’s been trying to make herself stronger inside for years.  Wanting the one to be the only one she trusts, in only he in whom she confides.  Stop her tears from crying.  Mixed up, confused again.  Genuine love begins where friendship ends, he looks at her tenderly, she thinks he comprehends.  She wants to be seen past her eyes, take the flaws she uses as disguise, guiding, sealed with a simple kiss.  There is more time in the world for all of this.

Anxiety, frustration, worries circulating over in her mind’s abyss, whilst he tries to be patient, soothing, calm and sensitive.  Giving words of advice, his understanding, his warmth, affection, due attention and care, infallible support, concern for welfare.  To cure his troubled mind, replace his unhappiness with ease, wishing for her own unhappiness to terminally cease.  He feels how she feels when she feels pain, dreading to go through the whole thing again, praying for dreams to materialise reality, for sanity instead of fatality.

The intensity of their love, inherent, rooted deep: profound, simultaneously attempting to keep feet on the ground.  Each day is a new beginning, and memories everlast, hopes, wishes and dreams are bemusing, trying to let go of the past.

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