bearly there

waiting with bated breath debating Satan’s blatant disregard for the human heart don’t get me started Marty hanging by a rope in gold on the crucifixion cross tires my fate tied to mired Mars ticking to a myriad of metronomes, two little gnomes caught in a trap black and white clauses he stalls and pauses staring at stiletto corkscrews the miracle of elliptical shores after the umbilical too late for me now, pinnacle of cynical ridicule right climates for pirates shut the right eyelid squinting into one vision precision undivided keep colliding rather be a wish on a metamorphosing deity than a fixed star burning ancient ahoy there matey, painting oily illuminati aghast past passed swings and roundabouts, didn’t think it was allowed, sixth sight, it’ll be fine, faith in layered fasts, course true love runs across bronzed stubble, hubble bubble got yourself into a telescopic muddle, take a trip to puddle lane wrapped in a cloak of purple crushes, stole my heart all over again, keep thieving it every twenty-six letters, you’re in real life and you think I’m faking, perhaps a Shakespearian tragedy portended, testing human limits of hot-headedness, autopsy of emotion curating collections and selections of relating, defibrillating equilibrium combinating feng shui and zen, big bad and little red, no trickery or ficklery, tell me what you see, through your eyes I will only believe, what do you seek, a heart that will still be mine after my neurosis weak, don’t be stupid Sophie, but he was, is, was the BFG, time to reap the seeds that you sow, now then, lo unto me and behold, every heart beat cold and stoled, don’t want you to think I’m being blind, there’s reason in the madness, language in signs, trust my deploring insanity, hush please dos, no arguments, don’t be cross, I haven’t the strength, if you fall for– well, if it’s not me in the end, there was truth in my lesson you think it’s flawed fatal fantasy since you live in the now, don’t be filled with angered clouds, flower from the concrete done to death, I’m a soul escaping cremation, floating in the wind, falling in the rain, I am the insane stained on your brain a butterfly turned caterpillar fighting in the flame burning moth feathers into an ink blot gun shot goddess tumbles into wreaths of bloodied poppies she cracks her skull and bleeds crimson the colour of blush on his cheeks meek for the first time he speaks and smiles sunshine pours from his pores so young she salutes him a happy boy uncomfortable in her own skin how does she live day to day running away from committing sin after sin hurting looting rioting angels with ashen wings send me to a prison refracting reflections in a prism Pollyanna light the guilt chandelier and splattered pressed flowers glow from the burning book petals creased into neat type I am Jekyll I am Hyde I hide and seek I am strong I am weak I am a breathing contradiction of sweet meat how can I save you when I haven’t saved me yet and you couldn’t be with a woman who had no love left ventricular ventriloquist sunset kiss I am in love with you like you could never see watching me through blind eyes you’re not able to see inside me so I set you free in the hope fate brings you back to me eventually so I can heal your cub wounds and you can mend me finally.

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