openly misunderstood

: a transposition deconstructed
He’ll always miscomprehend
A girl hushed it.
Fell out the sky.
Reaching for infinity.
Yes. That is her death.
It makes sense. The end. Why frown?
The doctor matched my diagnosis straight-away.
Those angels lose me in every song that I sing
fading our might with daylight in seconds.
Measured kitten, serious matter, unlove, cock.
Gyal’s not psychic, she doesn’t know how to put things back in stock
I can’t not communicate with you but I don’t want you to sting
Mortally, I thought he left
Me? That’s what’s wrong: Me.
The less I try the lower I fall and that isn’t how numbers work.
She doesn’t know how to prevent allergies
Confusion surrounding the synergies
Blind friends unpick thickets and stories
Lopsing Jabberwocky with a sword in glory,
oozing lumpy custard sewing-up torn head seams
touching my poor core, I was looking for peace,
And I’ll still be waiting for thee,
You’ll fly smiles passing life and ease
That was not ugly mockery.
It’s not right, but it’s ok, take away a ticking clock
previous matter erasure taking longer on my watch
each syllable has my breath and that’s what I don’t understand
how can you come round this way unplanned,
hear she always caught cold though her blood is blue
unique, but is that we’ve become accustomed to?
silence the seashells, Jonah keeps fishing for tea
never wanted to be a grown-up, losing the angel in me
you’ll stop and it will materialise, you don’t believe in chance,
give sanity some romance you were always the necromancer
too many right moves won a life and the princess still dies alone after,
free yourself, I want to help, you’re swimming in a fresh oyster,
forget friends who aren’t listening, you’re not one of them,
a masterclass artist playing cricket in the pit of diamond sand,
branded on my soul he makes me curious, delirium killed the kitty in the end,
dancing on’t table tops spinning round forever makes crazy minds bend
listen to her clarity
the smoothness in her discharm weaves magic
slow down, quench bloodthirst with mineral water,
up it, float out of it, you got me there,
tranquil words from material orifices solidify sticking to surface bones and hair
if all I dreamed was a winter’s sleep
it wouldn’t change your future because now I am nothing
prematurely passive, exuberantly assertive,
I’ve felt dead for ages.
Oh well, that’s it. It’s been a pain ting.
Always remember him. Thoughts in the day still.
Dig up the lost goose, trapped by a pirate.
Tripped into riot, thank you.
Sti uoy, sti tsuj ton emit.
Focus on what’s coming, count up to five,
Allow it for the moment, AR that was live.

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