if the stars have anything at all

If the stars have given me an earnest way to make a living to earn a shilling I wish I could flip a coin and give it to you heads or tails you can choose hell is me use and abuse heaven is me angelic stew life is not now no matter how much you want it to be I wish it was me maybe it is me and I am blind not seeing the wood for the trees at all.

If the stars have written me a snowy kitten to drink from my kitchen I can wait for him but he can’t wait for me even if I plead guilty he will see it as futility because he thinks I’m ridiculously silly for being so dizzy for turning him into a hot pot of explosion, mind implosion, emotion commotion, wasn’t meant to be this way at all.

If the stars have written me a proper job description I’d be in his arms right now, he’d be saving me, I’ve saved so many pennies the copper fate infected a delectable selection and spoiled my life at the pearly gate it’s too late and he rides into the distance with a dip in his cap and a lowered gaze, pretending he wasn’t phased at all.

If the stars have misguided my idle bridle then I deserve a scythe to my eyes and hells deathly knives I will gladly take your pain from you are the scribe that describes my life in an instant of a fraction of a second, murder me now for I am destined to be Frankenstein’s bride for all time, I made the monster I don’t know how to kill her at all.

If the stars have any love to give to me I send it back to the mirrored sky so it reflects to thee a billion times over to the power of three, destinies can’t be undone even though I’m reading line thirteen cleaned with the bleach of hope and in a smoke I am dead in his brain when he was willing me not to falter on the five-lettered tightrope gain anything at all.

If the stars have any knowledge, trust me trust you but oh what’s the point my consonants seem obtuse and rank to you and I can’t explain it whichever method I choose to use so I will try not to write you muse write me muse one as in you not as in me is not amused your incredible self just wants me shut me away from you forever so I will if it helps you stop hurting at all.

ink is free, so...

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