vapours of oviparousness

seeking admonishment
in punishment
screwing up the syllabus
villainous affiliates
prevent moral synthesis
innocent diligence
throws up stimulus
for limitless vigilance
skinned bodies listless,
frivolous ignorance
antiquates dissident
chivalrous militants’
willingness for indifferent
bigamist filaments:
infamous impetus
covenants mischievous

politics supplements
vividly disharmonic
roar forth, my apparition
angelic winglessness
it’s imminent
your eminence
resilient indigenous
coveting coutured
competent continents
revelling governance
clearing incontinent
indolent impotence
of bourgeois influence
matter over mind
evicting belligerent
parsing linguistics
access denied

immigrants equivalent
to ridiculous iniquitous:
society in significant
balancing increments
eloquent implements
ambiguous ambivalence
seeped in vociferous
meticulous magnificence
killing participants
with grandiose
instilled in
illiterate bitterness
anti-oxidant irritant
incident instruments

vigorous bitterness
sickness smoke screens
my otherness
learns fierceness
avoiding sufferance
in their eyes
urban wilderness
colourless existence
is but a
far away dream
my distinctiveness
my unwillingness
to spiral into
spiritless insignificance
this isn’t coincidence
it’s serendipitous

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