me and erring

gothic spikes
glitter blood
venus fly trap,
twins of Sirius,
if you knew it,
unfurling inferno
god of war
ebony sky though
burns us
flesh deep far
no reasons why,
sensing light leaks
original sin,
three letters
two vowels
give you unseen gifts,
two emeralds,
and a pearly string,
I am the third king,
two faces of the moon,
guessing I’m the rough,
you are the smooth,
mysterious phases
stranger churlish,
pushing away
unguarded beaches,
perched on rocks
eating salted seaweed,
past points of learning,
knowledge is…
curvingly yearning,
tired of waiting
continue to do so:
why do you steal my dreams?
who invited you in?
Terrified of committing,
penance is limbo
wandering earth lost,
for something
at what cost?
for something
within me all along
stupid song
rusty nail
apparent stake
resembling a fake
on the cross
thudded a nail
through his hand
palm was your heart
expecting him to beat,
with seams ripped apart
dangerous waiting,
anticipating fated
a Second Coming,
God takes my living,
might not be strong enough,
I stare into space,
you stare into shrouds
making a wish
on your face in the clouds
you can see me now,
encircling globes
I Am : Miss Understood

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