god and my right

Trace my jawline with the rough of your thumb
Eat out of my hand, panda like bamboo crumb

Lacquered words varnished glossing numb
Platinum darts sinking into genuine puns

Dirty luscious things, diamonds or scum?
Stifling acrid metagrobolizing columns

Sudden fearlessness in pinging bedlam
Mortifying collaboration crystallising flotsam

Pierce my fragmented heart with daggered love
Sing your jaded song to every jezebel above

Shattering bone cracks sickening sputum
Seeping into devilled tongue stagnum

Hissing steam encasing son of gorgon
Snaking cat eyes fixed and stubborn

Twisting corkscrews clashing sacrum
Releasing bridled apocalyptic tantrum

Collapsing topaz clarity inciting phylum
Resonating roars of decorum

Distinct death resurrects stench of a phantom
Living malignant melanoma biopsies, ad infinitum.

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