double-edged sword

or should that be gun,
man dem yoot loot in defiant salute to suit da carnaged few,
paying, slaying homage, to voices mute, uncouth, not cute,
refute the duped, en route,
shoot the messenger,
harassing area codes
be bee ‘em honey time to be shrewd,
in a funny mood when it gets too much boo,
hush up doll-ken,
living stone mind alters
hearing the rose from a concrete stem,
mind deliberates,
is there another way, whagwan bro whatcha say?
Whisper louder when you pray,
because you deserve to live another day,
watch the torture, feel the slaughter,
crumbling remnants of brick and mortar,
see the terror,
politics unravel unintelligible clever,
tangible leather
just another measure
birds of a feather flocking together,
knocking locks as thick as thieves,
standing by watching you grieve,
who do you believe,
ill found thought illogically conceived,
repeating same old mantra with discernible ease,
just pay your petrol and confirm the lease,
grey matter igniting fuel,
pinning up the elite with the weak,

all I want is eternal sleep,
all you want is raging inferno and disease,

diss ease in community
causing havoc instead of peace,
man down, you frown, it wasn’t me, it was the police, please,
serve and protect,
write off and reject,
marginalised society seen as threat,
cleaning up dust,
make it back to it being all about us,
objective Met, let’s paint a correct sketch,
return your son without signed pens
or we merk the marker random
common sense laments,
mass of pride, devils bride,
let it slide under the carpet,

should have dragged in the army,
allow it, petrol bombs calm me,
propensity for destruction,
density for evolution,
currency meltdown furthering pollution,

humanity caused chaos but which human has the solution?

confusion, exclusion,
fusion of faiths protecting templing domed fates,
commemorate unity, bite the acidity,
collaborate lucid bars born from curiosity,
in the burning hell of an Olympic city,
claiming rioting for fame, losing the plot,
where’s the end game you got?
looting your brain,
forget what they say and listen to the rain,
come what may,
it’s a decision resting on a sunshine of ray,
bow it up make it pretty,
blame visual stimulus instead of the hidden conspicuous,
sue the sooty city, sweeping chimneys,
from outside in,
and there you are, underneath my skin,
who wins this forlorn competition of sin?

Ash clouds make me hurl
but you won’t listen to me
since I am but a girl dancing the locomotion,
narrowed to emotion, a real commotion,
thought provoking promotion, well,
that’s just a notion of assumption,
need me some Alice potion to set me in motion,
moisturising lotion needed to fill the gaps
of societal reconciliation,
living in limitations and imitations and the mutation just goes on and on,
ten per cent battery remaining, I’m out, gone.

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