expect the unexpected

stealing but we don’t need ‘em,
we are here, near
and then some, come?
Pip you at the post
still got my bottle of rum chum,
high on life,
killed your wife,
clutching my scythe like an angel,
wait that’s a tangle she just weaved,
conceive, perceive, which is it to be?
Down with the kids cuz,
they ent had enough blud,
thinkin’ we be livin’
all the lies under heavenly sun ‘cos,
ha, please, we, jeez, wait again, sneezed,
cease, for a minute, let you breathe,
seared, teared, I should be feared,
soaring wings trespassing
true blue skies
swinging through those honey brown eyes
of mine, fine, anything but that line,
thanks but no thanks, not this time,
it’s not being hashed up locked down,
washed up or smacked down,
prick the lock loose,
cock the pistol too smooth,
come out come out wherever you are,
I’m gonna huff and puff until I swallow stars,
let it escape or you fade and we bleed,
raping the world back in the day,
all it took was an apple seed,
leave, everything went grey,
now you feign tears behind your Lazarus skull made from clay,
you only had to be me,
don’t watch the dollars b,
annulling scandalous society,
wrecking confusion,
wreaking contusion
upon illusion and allusion,
thought it was about inclusion
I sit here excluded,
mustering up a cold-hearted feud
did mutter sumat but only a few
heard it, smelled nothing wrong
singing my song and atoms flew
across clouds inside a pregnant osprey,
and I pray, escaping parades,
you wanted a taste,
let’s play charades,
slipping from Babylonian contortion,
couldn’t find your way out of your own babbledom,
she takes the blade,
switches the grade,
shears the lamb,
munching on maids,
laying on grass,
you wanted a tasted
love only had to ask,
picture the scene,
cat eating cream,
lick whiskers clean,
a lean fee lion,
if you know what I mean.

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