eating my zombie heart out

All the questions
all the answers
who has them
only some of them
whip them into being
another of them
another morgue
another fraud
another corpse
lying dead
on the sofa
mixed up
licked enough
clicked stuff
two hundred degrees celsius
baking on the balcony
on the trampoline
dancing the mashed potato
symphony head in my scene
and verily
they came so far
losing their pretty
little heads
and all manz ever wanted was to keep staying ahead
the race followed through
and everything We do is for you
sitting there naked in your sloth in the nude
I beg you to move
but your ears are filled with onyx
and you think you’re on it
don’t make me laugh innit
you have three choices
go play some sonic or
go be demonic
or in fact
go read some kaotix
alight and board my ghost train woo woo
I might scare you
and deafen cancerous brains boo!
you really don’t have a clue
only those accepting demz lost and alone
will taste marrow of elite angel bone,
fasten it, act it, ask it, mask it, tactics, get past it, will you last it
watch me float down stream in an abandoned basket
ushered in reeds and golden beads
like Moses floating on the river bed
crying for freed creed
cartographic calligraphy
writing out fate
on typographic skin
pretend sin and my destination fails
whales sharking me playing trepidation
on a soul missionary expedition
coalition with submission to kill her, still her, will her,
and bill her either Queen, or Godzilla.

ink is free, so...

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