when stars collide

I swallowed a dictionary,
But my thesaurus was dry,
Abandoned on the sofa
He started to cry.

I have nothing:
Everyone’s love is a lie,
Empty shell of a house:
Cardboard disguised.

Slept in a curtain:
Father defied,
Truth sickly tarnished:
Access denied.

I can’t help you:
Try as I might.
I advised you before.
I said goodbye.

Half moon star collide,
You haven’t offered.
Moving on with my life,
Not my responsibility,

Someone is coming:
He is my time.
I’ve nowhere else to lie:

Convulsive crying,
Not even thirty,
Wanting to die.

It’s too late,
Nineteen arrows shy:
Fate is imminent.
Is he your guy?

I would hope he’s mine:
So don’t ask me:
I won’t be kind.

But only you understand.
No, no, no, no:
Poetry is my life.
But I am dying.

I can’t.
I’m finished otherwise:
My blood is on your hands.
He held a knife

To his throat:
Ready to fly,
Cut open his neck
Carotid artery sublime.


So in poetry’s motion
I am the devil’s slave
Closed case, NFA.


I just couldn’t have his blood
On my clothes.
Even through emotional blackmail,
I still chose.


Be it wrong, be it right,
It wasn’t through unlove
I wasn’t harsh through spite
Light fades.

I thought love waits.
White flag: I thought wrong.
Throw me your poison lyrics,
I remain strong.


Callous in calamity,
too many souls.
I am tired of trying to save everybody.
Snake eyes roll.
Wishing to sing,
Crawfish in King Creole.

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