you didn’t even try to be in it

hmm, finish him
mortal combat
how we started,
that’s a funny thing,
one time you made my heart sing,
now you’re ripe for the killing,
you want to stay lost in the snow,
you want to be out in the cold,
only your way is right,
how is that,
the best way to grow old?
I stared at my reflection once,
I thought it was you,
but what does it matter
because it was you
who committed suicide
in the indigo pool
turned it red
now you’re read,
real nice of you,
giving up such pretty words like how you do,
don’t get it wrong:
I am the sun personified
that’s your lesson today
do yourself a favour
and please go away
play another fool
maybe I was waiting but you were waiting too,
cluck cluck cluck
who gives a fox
the owl hoots.

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