because my anger is stronger than your word full of hate

write before I write it before I think before I say it before I writ it so write it rider
one-sided, blinded cyclops with a single blinkered eyelid,
battering Abraham’s hanging lamb, delivering man,
from coherent pastor under arc of belly stripe of night,
rising, rippling, current lion heart short sighted
scarecrow legs turned to jelly,
gifted to call connect the crescent to Muhammad’s heaven ascent,
philosophising lies and truth,
blood on my hands, blud it was you using me as an excuse,
sometimes the world is bigger than me, it’s bigger than you,
it’s bigger than us two, too, but boo you Casper, boo you,
fly, enough to passing hate as a word,
a name, create, hate the creature cured,
furore for your temper,
featured patchwork, sutured skin of haute couture,
still your pupils,
grab some sleep,
stop being deep,
it’s one ay em g,
dilate, be sedate,
trap yourself in a temporary coma,
but if you want wrath dahlin’ I haven’t even started,
don’t for one second think it’s about being outsmarted,
jammy tart? cart your arse back to Trojan’s horse raas clart,
trying to bind me with morse code wit’ arms full of lard,
keeping an arm’s stretch as reach,
what a mess,
pretending like she’s a sket,
does it mek you feel better,
piercing four letters?
finally speaking truth uncouth,
keep going if it soothes you,
but there’s no smoke without fire,
broken twisted spell,
in the quagmire broken egg,
hatched head laying dead on a sanitary towel
messing wit’ standard deviation,
thought you were in sanitation,
are you not going to clean up
our emaciated situation,
i’m guessing godsent manipulation
is lost in the words we created,
and cremated. somehow.

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