and it started with this

When did I ever say I had any answers
’twas just all in your head
I tried to tell you from day dot
this was a lot
of inkblots
tick tock
fetch the glock
kill the flock
as we mock
padlocked heart stops,
blow your head off
honey feel free
seal it with a kiss
poison envy ivy
throw the die
lie with carnal itch
on your right
I’m awful glad you can still type
sarcastic b –
you’ve used that against me already
must have been a thrill
well done buddy
been on the receiving end
imagine I was the glass
then you wouldn’t have to ask
ritual sacrifice and tantrums,
reactions and interactions
import export sanctions
crazed mental states
made it come to this
flick of a switch
too fast past the point
of being enriched
it’s gone
dissipated designated diagnosis murder
swollen glands it’s all over
it’s your wolf head you’re holding in your hands
trying to make me understand
ways of the land scape
escape the raises
leave the road
up the stakes
out the blaze
you are gifted in so many ways
but wait
you know this
supposedly mistaking
your ways for arrogance
who am I kidding
that’s why I am saying wait
but you have the scissors
turning her into a jagged edge unshaped
watching her jump from the ledge
think she cares as she stares
into an abyss of nothing
kept going this long
death-wish song from you won’t stop it
that’s her power : she knows it goes on,
but here listen,
she knows nothing, nothing worth knowing,
didn’t know the boy inside
saw rainbows in his eyes
didn’t know the purple disguise
if she fell he would rise
didn’t know the lips
were not blissed
cutting wrists
wishing sue is cyanide
I terrorise you,
I am the conjecturing spectre
because if she knows nothing.
Nothing worth knowing.
She most certainly knows you.

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