nine lives

there is nothing,
nothing to show,
nought to know,
your digits are cold,
blue on your nose,
numbing your soul,
you don’t think I feel the snow,
it falls cutting everything,
heights of blow,
lightbulb fizzles,
you made it glow,
don’t go,
you beat too fast,
bass too low,
I’m saving you from swinging crazy,
been there,
t-shirt ripped and whipped,
I have emotional scars to show for it.
Masses of mazes still hazy,
harking voices stripping cores,
tear the skin,
fresh flesh is inside,
trapped, crushed poisoned apple,
take a bite,
you nearly died.
You think you’re ready,
but you’re not yet steady
still a stray kitty,
my meow is your meow though,
I just need to breathe for a bit now.

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