black swan

One day, when, if, he can understand,
And if it was all true.
He will look back on himself, older, anew,
Wondering how it all changed,
Playing Scully instead of Mulder,
Realising the course of history,
– Somewhere between rage and serenity –
Had re-arranged an age of waiting
For something pre-ordained,
Before the rain came.

Not the broken toy soldier
He soldered & shouldered

this isn’t going to make sense
lost for words

I wish you could have just understood
Instead you stood where piggywig stood
In the mud in offensive self defense
Barn owl turned most fowl

Play, cat sauntered away on her boat
Rowing as fast as her oar’d paws could
Wondering about wrath of billy goat gruff
Eloping by herself,
With only one word, enough!

He wasn’t listening, he wasn’t listening.

Maybe troll wasn’t such a bad name
Hiding under bridged window frames
Pane of glass, she didn’t ask for
Tempered perspex only perspective
But he collected each effect
Mited and smated history at arm’s length
Even though proportioned time is of no essence
Every visual was a portal report recorded
In an hour glass, a path in time of crime
A photograph of emotive correctness
Mixed and twisted memorandum
Added as addendum
Because you did this, and this, and this,
And everything was meaningless.

The swan with no neck,
Dies and a phoenix appears from ashen
Stitches and gaping wounds,
Screaming hysterics as blood seeps
Into clambered tortuous rooms
Reasons will appear in seasons
Let it go but he felt the crimson
Lesion and now his hate just grows.
The more infuriating his rage,
The less it begged her to speak,
Stubborn devil claws
Twining retribution,
Reflection reflecting forgiveness,
Broken enamoured armour,
Shield instead of clamour,
The human is to err
As naturally as he is to her.

But she doubts,
he’d give a bad poem another read,
with all the hurt he’s had to concede.
To be unborn has been,
the same curse of her life,
coursing the cursing crying eye,
she wasn’t born ready,
maybe she wanted him to see,
she’s the one that needed more time…
fatal mistake:
black swan swooned,
for the moon too soon,
but who is who?
It’s all mixed up,
and so confused.

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