miscarriage of justification

once bitten, twice smitten, she was three times shy, her eyes held my I, gifted capacity to reach for insanity limits far beyond the sky, she bewildered me, further and farther she climbed high, my skilled armaments in mind for her mind, fervently, determinedly I turned to her for advice, from teacher to preacher, she was like a dime they say, wait, I say, she was a dime, they say, she was the breath of heaven to me for mine.

she was as happy as a clam ma’am, it wasn’t planned, scanned blueprint of a child inside, Peter Pan liked the girl but the girl in her died in nine, no time to cry, disguised as a purple butterfly, inclined to rhyme, words spittin’ in her head through all types of clime, striving for a better life, sucking on lemons eating on limes, holding out for uncluttered lies, fluttered ties, waiting for a signed sign, delineating mime, hounded, shrouded, clouded by the darkest knight, insight and outsight blinded by deadly grime, usurped into darkness, line by filthy line.

father, lord, forgive me God for I have sinned, I skinned the heart of a man, damn and damned, like a lamb eating out of my hand, it only started as a gram fam and ten years later it is what I am, didn’t understand, the power of what I had, I let it go and it took over, glancing over my shoulder, only now it’s colder, I’m older, you stole her, I roll up, not knowing how much longer it will go on: how did a quick trick of a clickety-click turn into a shady life of convicted bliss.

voice as meek as the quirkiest geek, who knew her nightmares when she was nought but sleep, honour lies at the feet of defeat when respect begets deceit, crying crime for shame, naming blame, claiming rainbows filled with flames, all the same in the rain, demon lodged underneath the plate of her shoulder blade, stretching tendons in her back doesn’t take away the pain, her spine thinks, and collapsed under the sane; relapse: stains on pupils, maimed boys playing games, gaining disfigured lessons shouting come mess with ‘em but who’s gonna mess with Them not I, turns out the rest of them, just tried to hide.

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