batman, and his sidekick

we startin’ again then,
jus’ anoth’r one o’those men,
after sacrament’l logistics,
fundament’l statistics,
kill’r meticulous instinct,
whipp’d her knees wit’ kisses,
gettin’ jiggy wit’ it,
itchin’ a be bittin’ it,
not this implicit love an’ magic mimic,
ketchin’ t’switchin’ hips wit’ mem’ry sticks,
better break that bad habit,
she’ll hit it for six an’ stab it,
thought you found your cure,
now you’re not so sure,
turnin’ up the heat a littl’ bit more,
tunin’ n’ droppin’ your glock,
making sure it’s hot,
to trot,
ready ‘n whetted,
reckless, in heated plastic,
human lax’tive,
meltin’ your starred heart,
hard core,
head against your hand,
penny drops,
fickle sailor sharking docks,
taking stock,
outsmartin’ the art of Nikkah,
welpin’ wench, who do you think you are?
Your mind’s only good for trippin’ an’ settlin’ mixes,
better fix it,
‘fore snitch takes t’biscuit,
get to thinkin’,
got that sinkin’ feel- hey wait-a-minute,
no need to manic,
hush an’ sit static,
got to think this through,
there’s no way I’m dyin’ for you,
ARE you, Ken!
Found the flaw,
Clark Kent take you home love,
it’s against the law,
now I’m thinking on it,
I’ve already got a missiz,
At the mercy o’ the paws
an’ perpendicula’ jaws
of Aslan,
Not this trick,
sonic- BOOM!
In your face, didn’t see it comin’, didn’t have a-clue,
you’re a disgrace mate,
mortal gelatine sipping creatine,
stained lips,
holy quip-pin’,
guzzlin’ George’s medicine kit,
Lucy’s preferred hit,
did you not know this?
Landing in a heap of stinking kitsch,
don’t get lean then, stay with me for tactics,
i.e., defense,
psssh, ‘m out wit’ mandem,
whisp’rin’ prayers as hymns,
can’t psych him.

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