your something else

You had me at love, love. You, love, yes, YOU, er, LOVE, are something, something completely else that I didn’t think I could define through the stress of a brain that melts daily forgetting whelps of help from my beauty, I thought you were my beauty, but these words are fuelled by baked dough in a tandoori of fakery, it’s the domino effect love butterflies are dead love, dead, you are something so far-fetched out of my imagination you become less etched just a fuzzy sketch love, the same as the rest love, I see red. Lest I confess? No, you. You, I say, try again. You, confess to the mess, long time straying from our kid’s pilgrim’s progress.

And all this time I thought you were different, but you were just fronting, giving me words like a stranger does sweets on a meet swapping needed deeds, planting sunflower seeds, covered in coarse tweed, maybe I should be sending out confrontational tweets against your self, your else, but it goes against the judgment of my better self, your raw thoughts I thought were blessed, but I thought wrong and I wrongly assessed, lent my heart to the heartfelt caressed goose pimples and shortness of breath, promises of stealth, empathies of weakened health.

Wicked boy in place of wicked queen, wait, you’re the same, I’m playing the game now, I’m playing, letting off steam.

Wealth in intelligent riches not within money itself, but the dimes are still itching, my mind keeps switching, it beggars belief I believed you for nothing, love, nothing for something, an eye for an I and I cry for poison carbon lead, for just one broken bling thing, I’m the suicide in the bee sting, floating diamond in the engagement ring, watching every minute, hearing the buzz and checking my checkered king wearing a frown, can’t pin me down love, can’t skin my down, your else isn’t that else but it’s as if there is nobody else around.

Heed every second trajectory spewing heat and imagery, tectonic friction in projectory, you camouflage the volcanic affliction I wear on my half-sleeve daily, furious glowing embers of lava as you try to slay me, the eggs grow and rot the ancient trusses and structural beams, counting bricks surveying means, I built from nothing and the roof falls down on your broken trust, love, secret tryst in secret gardens bury me a river bed, love, I am always blinded by love, love, it never is as it seems and you rip my life to shreds from the unseen seam, I’m wasted.

Maybe it’s just fated, the belated crescent isn’t meant to stay, was the diary dated, that’s not how it was created though, your craving, is losing gusto, love, and I lose my flow as we arch deep arrows blow for blow, falling to the cold ground, it hurts to be found, blood seeping through white snow like it’s tip top, do you remember the days, thought I’d never grow up. But it happens, so what’s up love, whassup?

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