me to the power of three


If you know the make-up of my mind, I don’t need cosmetic disguise. You know I think about you all the time, wondering if maybe I gave too much of me away after promising I would keep myself at bay. Yet you linger, like a kiss in the sunset on a river.

Dots appear from nothing, dark and strong and poignant, only I can hear the melodic triangle ting.

Wait for me.

Wait, I said. That was me then, this is you, now.


It’s the only thing in my power this hour. I destroy the intermittently blinking pink thing and you can save the debate for later. You’ve kept me w-ndering around long enough, save your reasons *coughs*.

If I was using PaintBrush, I would be erasing you with my mouse cursor instead of drawing you in words on a page, starting with your face. I make you fade. Goodbye, I say.


Take my hand, you are where I want to be.

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