god sent you an angel in a music box

shouldn’t have, been just that,
destiny delivered fate in the shape of the owl and the pussycat,
finished with shylock and antonio’s spat,
turned the pound of flesh into jack’s,
piece of eight, hidden under thomas crown’s hat.

shouldn’t have, shared history,
straight up honesty,
eggshells and brutality,
didn’t want to be,

outing the truth,
no matter how uncouth,
testing you,
would he turn me into God under a state of arrest.
shouldn’t have assumed you were just like the rest,

realised too late, now it’s a mess,
unsure, if you could care less,
I was too blind to see,
you wanted a reflect shun of mystery,
holding a diamond out to the sky,

catching stars falling, under God’s duress,
soul etched,
into a jewelled ballerina,
posing, poised, poisoned,
letting me dance only when you want to be caressed.

ink is free, so...

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