she just couldn’t take any more

she lives for you,
every inhaled moment
epitomises her blind heart,
she lends herself to submission
as the first, hoping to be the last.

he plays mischief,
cuffs devil incarnate
to a matrimony of scorn.
he sinks into clouds despite
the rosy, complexion of the thorn.

she cracks her whip,
sky tumbles down into
a seeming sombre horizon,
she weeps in remembrance
for scents of uncivilised poison.

he kills blinkered,
lingering fixed eyes glare
beyond broken limitations,
he gages powerful strength
hollowing an expression vacant.

she gasps withstanding
blows and cuts to cheekbones
overtaking deceptive dreams
she stands up, tall, and, wired
as thunder rips through weak thread-bare seams.

ink is free, so...

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