Boarding Lufthansa

Ah, Lufthansa.  To be frank (furt), one must hand awe to the Germans.  They are in fact engineers of a different breed.  I am impressed.  This is the third plane I am boarding (perhaps even bored-ing) in two days.  I am faced with: spacious, comfortable seating.  I feel as if this is my own private jet with the seats set out in pairs.  The next flight is also Lufthansa, I am looking forward to returning to England with an easy mind.  I have nothing more to say on the matter, which is a first I am sure you will agree, I am content.  There, I said it.

Well, apart from Monty’s Hot Posh Thai Style Vegetable Wrap given to us by the overly happy German steward.  Making the name sound ridiculously exotic, does not add any extra flavour to the wrap, and Thai for breakfast?  I think the Germans are trying much too hard to be multicultural.  I take a baby-bite from the tortilla wrap, in fact, I smell it first like a cat sniffs at something strange and odd, trying to work it out.

I am overwhelmed by peppers which is the reason for the baby-bite.  Eugh.  Ugh.  Yuck.  I wash it down with some orange juice.  I am not hungry anyway, it’s fine.  I have been awake for nearly sixteen hours now, and completing the flight journey much more easily than the first leg (my eyes and head were rolling in the taxi to the hotel after reaching Minsk).

I am thinking backwards.  I mean to say, I am recollecting thoughts from the previous day.  After finally sinking into my bed at the hotel, I slept for fourteen hours neat.  Yes, fourteen hours with no interruption.  I have just deduced this was the case as I had been mozying the earth for a full twenty-two hours non-stop with the addition of two hours’ time difference plus jetlag, or is jetlag the time difference?  You can tell I am a frequent flyer.

I am thinking too much.  I make use of myself by taking photos of sleeping passengers, and then proceeding to draw life-like sketches.  Oh how positively creative of me…

Let us see how I fair on the connecting flight.

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